The Driving Test Syllabus

What you need to know

You will need to learn to drive and manoeuvre the car in the DVSA approved manner.

Passing the driving test is straight forward as long as you receive the correct training, and learn the correct methods. Learning to drive is an important part of your life, opening new doors . . .  The driving test is getting harder, so learning to drive correctly is very important.

Methods of driving have changed and have been updated over the years.

So what was correct for your parents may no longer be correct today. Such as stopping safely, as an example, you are no longer required to change down through the gears and instead, you can now block gear change, which will form part of your training.

Key Skills

The term 'Key Skills' means you must have the knowledge, show a good attitude and experience to achieve the DVSA's safe driving for life award of a full UK Driving Licence.

There are 5 parts to the driving test:

  1. An eyesight test
  2. Show me, Tell me questions
  3. General driving ability
  4. Reversing the vehicle
  5. Independent driving

The driving test will last for approximately 40 minutes. 


  • Forward park into a bay
  • Park on the right, then reverse 2 car lengths
  • Reverse park at the roadside (Parallel Park)
  • Reverse into a parking bay
  • Controlled stop 1 in 3 tests 

Independent driving and riding section of the practical test (inc. use of Satnav or road signs)

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